Bitcoin 306.21
$9,281.29 3.29919%
Ethereum 4.24
$175.66 2.4148%
XRP 0.00
$0.24 1.14314%
Zcash 3.52
$58.59 6.00375%
Tether 0.00
$1.00 0.18767%
Monero 2.95
$68.69 4.30085%
AidCoin 0.00
$0.01 11.89954%
Monetha -0.00
$0.01 -0.46545%
XRP 0.00
$0.24 1.14314%

Cloud Token Wallet

Discover How This Next Generation Decentralized Crypto Wallet App

Can Get You Paid Daily For HOLDING Your Bitcoin And Crypto In YOUR own Wallet!

Step by Step Guide
How to Get Started with Cloud Token Wallet

Step 1: Download App for iOS or Android

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How does the wallet and system work?

What is Cloud Token Wallet?

The world’s first social wealth wallet to integrate all blockchain cryptographic assets into one platform

Cryptocurrency Wallet that Pays

Cloud Token is one of the newest wallets that has been launched recently. Normally, we wouldn’t pay much attention to a new wallet since we are pretty happy with PlusToken and Wotoken. However, there is something about Cloud Wallet that might make it a success.

State of the Art AI Technology

This 4.0 Generation Blockchain Technology Project Includes State Of The Art AI Powered High-Frequency Trading Technology Run By TENSORFLOW Engine Used By Companies Like Walmart, Google and Coca-Cola.

25 Years of Successful Development

Cloud Token was founded by WSBA, Singapore’s fourth generation public blockchain technology team. The CEO is Ronald Aai, serial entrepreneur last 25 years. He successfully built several Internet businesses in his early career and has been developing new technologies for social media, payment, mobile wallets, mobile phones, telco systems, IOT solutions and blockchain technology.

Live Exchange Tables

  • Start profit sharing from day 1 on your deposit balance (8-12% per month)*
  • Profits are distributed from the software on a daily basis
  • Withdrawals and token conversions to Ethereum anytime 24/7
  • Earn CTO by holding BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, TUSD, USDT, DOGE and many more to come!
  • No membership fees. No contracts
  • Funds are liquid at all times
  • Cloud Token App is listed in the Apple and Google Store
  • Real people, Real technology, Real business plan
  • All commissions and returns are paid out in Cloud Tokens
  • The token value has the potential to grow from $0.30 to $30 in the next 12 months*
  • Lucrative rewards program 21+ levels deep! View Compensation Plan
  • Debit card available for qualified accounts in August, 2019
  • Available worldwide!

Cloud Token Wallet Functions and Services

Cloud Token Wallet Technology Overview by Ronald Aai

Many times, it’s the quality of the network that makes a project big. And there is some early indication that Cloud Token will have a strong community behind. Well, this is not guaranteed and this is only our personal evaluation. However, if we are right, Cloud Token has the potential to significantly rise and make a lot of people a lot of returns.*

Testimonials and Documentation

Cloud Token Wallet Testimonials

Team Members

Ronald Aai

Blockchain Platform Architect

Ronald is a serial entrepreneur and has successfully built several internet businesses early in his career. He has been developing new technologies for social media, payment, mobile wallets, mobile phones, telco systems, IOT solutions and blockchain technology. Ronald holds several patents under his name related to mobile software development. To build a connected society on affordable devices, using efficient system designs that will allow the society to communicate,connect and transact with the world. To Deploy Sustainable Disruptive Technologies thru simplified modern technology in the traditional world to enrich lives.

Sheng Zhao (on the left)

Blockchain Investor and Influencer

Strategic investor Sheng Zhao at the World Blockchain Forum (WBF) in Shenzhen, China in January 2019. In addition to being the founder of WBF (New York), Block Media (Silicon Valley) and Silicon Valley Maker Capital, Zhao is a well-known teacher, writer and visionary int he blockchain sector. He has travelled to more than a hundred cities to educate and guide corporate executives and directors on the direction of new technologies.

Mathew Suen

Tech Program Director

“Matthew is a collaborative Swiss-educated entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of work experience in six countries. With his global perspective and active participation at business events about futurism innovation and technology, also within the blockchain sector, Matthew brings his essence of the international background with network, creativity and dedication to the team. ”

Cloud Token Wallet App Screenshots

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